6 Tips for Bathing Your Infant Safely

The time you spend on bathing your infant is the funny time for both you and your infant. However, it might be a difficult task for new parents, because there are lots of things you should pay attention to. Before bathing your baby, you have to get everything well prepared, like baby cotton towel, shampoo, diaper, and baby bath tub. To select the right products for bathing your infant is inevitable. The room you choose for bathing shouldn’t be ventilated, and the temperature of the room should be about 22-25 degrees. Fill the baby bath tub with lukewarm water at 36 degrees Celsius. Now, you could start bathing your little one, if all the baby bath accessories are ready.


The first step is to undress your infant, and you shouldn’t forget to wipe the diaper area from front to back before you put him into the bathtub. After your infant is in the bathtub, you should never leave him standing in the tub or leave him alone, which might cause great big danger.


It will be safer and more enjoyable, if you could make your baby feel really safe with your arms surrounding him. It’s common that parents hold their baby safely and tightly with one of their hand by grabbing their babies’ armpit, while they would use another hand to wash their little one.


For your little one, you should choose the best baby shampoo, which should be mild and made especially for infant. And the pH of the baby shampoo should be 7, so that your infant won’t feel stinging, pain and misery if the shampoo gets in his eye. And if the shampoo does get in his eyes, you should get the shampoo out of his eye with only water.


Now, here is the question that how long should be spend on bathing your little one. It has been said that baby shouldn’t stay in the water for more than 5 minutes, as the lukewarm water will turn cold. As soon as the bathing is done, you should get him out of the baby bath tub and wrap him with a clean and dry towel so that he wouldn’t catch a cold.


To allow and encourage your baby to move their legs or stretch their arms is absolutely good for their healthy growth. And if it’s possible, you should better make it a routine to bath your baby at the same time of everyday.


To make the bathing a little bit more enjoyable for your little one, some baby bath toys that could be used in the tub, singing songs or even talking to him could be funny.


Hi! I'm Vicky, a writer, editor, and blogger. I’m also a mom of boy-girl twins. I love my kids. I would share tips of parenting with you, and I wish my experience could give you some help.

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