Baby Thermometer: Types and Tips for proper use

As a parent of a baby or a young child, one of the most important items you can have in your medicine cabinet is a baby thermometer. It may just save your child’s life one day!
Why? Because a rise in your baby’s temperature above the normal 98.6°F (37°C) could mean that all is not well and perhaps your baby has a fever.
Many families may already have an adult thermometer around the house, but whilst these types of thermometer may be suitable for adult use, they may be unsuitable for use with a child in some cases.

Baby thermometer
Choosing the right baby baby thermometer is obviously very important and owning one that is specifically designed for a baby or young child can be the right way to go.

Types of Baby thermometer?

Ear thermometers: These are similar to the thermometers that pediatricians use and they are considered the best for parents to use on children that are six months or older. The thermometer probe is covered with a small plastic sleeve that can be removed and throw away. It can be easily slipped inside the ear, even if the baby is sleeping, and it takes a digital reading of the baby’s temperature in just three seconds.

Oral thermometers: Oral thermometers are often shaped like pacifiers to make them easier for a baby to hold onto in their mouths. This type of thermometer takes the baby’s internal temperature. It must be held under the baby’s tongue for two minutes in order to get an accurate reading. Even though this is the type of thermometer that many parents grew up with it is not the most accurate thermometer on the market today. Oral thermometers are usually best for older children who can hold it under their tongues easily.

Underarm thermometers: These can be digital or analog. The probe on the thermometer sits in the baby’s armpit to measure the temperature. Analog thermometers take about five minutes to give an accurate reading. Digital ones can give readings in just seconds. Just like forehead thermometers these can be used on babies and children of any age.

Forehead thermometers: These can be very accurate tools for assessing a child’s fever by measuring heat omissions. It generally takes only a couple of seconds to get an accurate reading using a forehead thermometer. These thermometers can be used on children of any age.

Rectal thermometers: Taking a baby’s temperature using a rectal thermometer usually is more uncomfortable for the parent than the baby but it can cause the baby some distress. The probe should always be lubricated with some petroleum jelly to make it easier to insert. Only about a quarter of the probe needs to be inserted to get a good reading. It usually takes about two minutes to get the rectal temperature.

Tips for using a Baby Thermometer

1. The most accurate temperature reading will be gained from a rectal reading, but an oral reading is fine for children over 3, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

2. Always ensure that you have one thermometer for oral and underarm readings and one for rectal readings.

3. Digital thermometers are best as a mercury thermometer obviously contains Mercury, which is poisonous.

4. If your child has eaten or drunk any hot foods or liquids, it is best to wait around 15 to 20 minutes before taking their temperature.

5. Ensure that the baby thermometer you use is washable and clean it before each use.

6. Don’t leave your child alone with a thermometer at any time.

7. Try to find a digital baby thermometer with a flexible tip, for ease of use and to be more comfortable for your child.

It is also advised that you have two digital baby thermometers, with one for use at home and one to keep in your purse for those occasions when you may be away from home with your baby. To get the right Baby Thermometer for your kid do visit Banggood .

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