How To Feed a Naughty Toddler?

There is no doubt that having a toddler who kicks screams and throws tantrums can be a stressful experience for any parent and can test the patience of a saint.

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Sometimes a naughty toddler can be so bad there may be safety concerns for the parent and the child, as well as restricting where you can and cannot go especially if they are prone to misbehaving in public.

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But what about a toddler that’s naughty and refuses to eat, what’s the solution? If you do have a toddler that refuses to eat, fear not as the following article will give you surefire tips that will make this a thing of the past.

Setting Boundaries

All toddlers need discipline as they are growing up, without it, they would become feral. A lot of parents misunderstand discipline, believing it to mean punishment or telling a child off, in actual fact discipline is about setting boundaries.

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Your toddler needs to understand what is acceptable and what is expected of them when it comes to meal times and this is where setting reasonable boundaries come into play.

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With that in mind, you will find tips below that will help instill boundaries especially if your toddler is refusing to eat.


5 Tips To Help Feed a Naughty Toddler

Make It Playful – feeding your toddler does not have to be a serious affair, it can be playful and one thing that can help with this is the non-spill Gyro bowl.

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A Healthy Diet – is key to a healthy toddler and one which behaves, too much sugar, preservatives, and color, not only can these ingredients make a toddler hyper, it can impact their diet.

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Regular Mealtimes -Toddlers need to grow up with structure, having irregular mealtimes can lead to a toddler refusing to eat until they are actually hungry.

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New Foods – Toddlers may have a fear of new foods and it’s important to introduce these early on, along with a choice of foods. And you can try to make the foods look interesting, which is helpful to attract your little ones. Again the Gyro Bowl is great for this as it can make new foods fun.

Quantity – The quantity of food that a toddler eats can vary from day to day, so you should not become stressed or turn into a battle if they go a few days eating smaller quantities.

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A naughty toddler and one that refuses to eat can be a worrying experience for any parent.


Knowing how to correct this and setting boundaries can be done in easy steps and it does not have to be a battle between you and your toddler.


Take it slowly and you will see changes, don’t forget the Gyro Bowl is highly recommended to make mealtimes fun.




Hello! I am Carmen. I am a mother of baby girl. She is so cute and I love her very much. I enjoy playing with her and buying beautiful clothes to make her more adorable. In this blog, I will share some tips about parenting with you. And I hope it can help you take care of your baby.

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