Floral Clothing for Your Baby Girl

Floral printed clothing is always the vintage option not only for women but also for baby girls. Some people might say that floral clothes are too fancy to wear, but those floral clothes are suitable for your baby girl. Have you saved some space in your baby girl’s closet for those floral clothing? Now let me show you some adorable floral outfits.

kids girls floral dress

A pair of shorts in white with purple flowers won’t be too fancy to go with the white shirt. The white shirt with frills on the cuffs is pretty charming too. To add a straw hat, you could let her enjoy the nature outdoors with this outfit.

flower girl hair accessories

Floral tops are pretty easy for you to match with. To be matched with a pair of olive green shorts, the tank top with vintage flowers is much more beautiful than the drab one in single color. Another one with small red flower is quite eye-catching to go with the geometric printed shorts in black and white. To add a neutral shirt could be suited to wear in autumn.

flower girl hair accessories

Speaking of floral clothing, what you shouldn’t miss is a kids girls floral dress. It’s quite creative to match the navy dress with tiny flowers with a pair of wellington boots, what’s more, it seems pretty adorable. The navy one with contrasting chrysanthemum is more eye-catching. However, I prefer the one with a belt tied in bow shape. It’s made of chiffon, and there is no denying that it’s suitable to wear for weddings.

Kids Girls Floral Dress

It’s light- hearted to match with floral clothing in this summer, since a pair of sandals is enough. It is consistent with those floral clothes. And you could find out that flower girl hair accessories are often used to accessorize pretty girls who are dressed in floral clothes.

flower girl hair accessories

flower girl hair accessories


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