How to Choose a Pencil Case for School?

What type of pencil case should you have at your school? Well, buddies, there is no wrong or right here. You are at your liberty to choose whatever you prefer as long as the case can hold your writing tools. You will find a host of choices with respect to a stationery bag for school. To help you in deciding and narrowing down your choices, below is a list of things that should help you in picking your preferred stationery bag.

stationery bag

When looking for a pencil case for school, you should consider:

Size: Take into account the writing utensils you actually need at the school to determine the size of the pencil case. Do you need just a couple of pens? Do you need pencils, pens, highlighters and colored pencils?

 stationery bag

Material: Decide the material of the stationery bag you need. Do you want a soft, squishy case? Figure out whether you want a wooden box or sturdy metal for placing items. While a wooden box lasts longer, it can get contaminated with bacteria and fungi posing health threats. A metal box, on the other hand, is free from bacterial or fungal issues and lasts longer, but metal rusts and can damage the skin of your child.

Fish Pencil Case

Shape: Aside from size and material, decide the shape of the pencil case you wish to buy. Do you like a skinny, small pencil case, a flat one, a square one or round one? Also, consider the space you have in your school bag.


Fish Pencil Case

Style: Pencil cases for school need not be dull. You can go crazy and choose something funny and awesome. From cartoon looks to hamburger ones, you could pick an ideal case that demonstrates your preferences.

Fish Pencil Case

Popular pencil cases used by students

WAM PC 07 Fish Pencil Case

WAM is a new brand in the stationery field and offers a wide range of cases to fit smaller as well as longer pencils and other items. It is an ideal gift for those who love drawing and coloring. The formal, colorful case is perfect for school goers as well as office workers. It can also be used as a cosmetic makeup pouch by ladies.

Check here: Fish Pencil Case

 Cat Pencil Case

WAM PC 08 Simulation Cat Pencil Case

Available in a range of shapes and sizes of cats, this pencil case is suitable for office goers as well as school students. With a modest, comfy size, the case is also used by girls as a makeup pouch.

Check here: Cat Pencil Case

 Cat Pencil Case

Buying an ideal cat pencil case or fish pencil case can be a chore. However, you can certainly ease this task by acting wisely. Simply follow the above tips and check the popular pencil cases used by students, and you could pick the right stationery bag of your choice.

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