How to Cut Baby’s Hair?

Cutting baby’s hair is a task for the brave. Anytime you see the words “cutting baby’s hair”, the first thought to run through anyone’s mind is lots of screaming followed closely by a visit to the emergency room. The images being construed in your mind is even worse. Well, this is an exaggeration but it portrays how daunting a task cutting a baby’s hair is.

SURKER Hair ClipperOn the other hand, baby’s hair grows quite fast, it could be because of all the milk they are taking from mum or simply because babies are so cute all together that even hair cannot resist them. It, however, is a necessary evil no matter how hard it is when it comes to cutting baby’s hair.

SURKER Hair Clipper

Hair clippers like the SURKER hair clipper have eased the hard undesirable task very conveniently right at home. There is a variety of hair clippers in the market to use but one that stands out from the crowd is definitely the SURKER LED Display hair clipper.

LED Display Hair Clipper

The SURKER hair clipper has the features like a high definition LED display hair clipper where both the battery capacity and the different cutting lengths can be easily monitored while in use. It has a titanic ceramic blade suitable for all types of hair in case you are wondering whether it suits your baby and is very easy to use. The fact that it has an elegant design serves as a plus. This design allows for easy comfortable holding when in use.

SURKER Hair Clipper

Tips of how to cut the hair using the SURKER LED display hair clipper:

  • Don’t use force on baby

Restrict the movement of the baby during a cut but don’t use force. Using force will leave you exhausted and the baby cranky.

LED Display Hair Clipper

  • Snacks and toys

Bring a few of baby’s favorite snacks and toys to the work desk. This will allow the baby to feel comfortable enough and also divert baby’s attention to allow you to work.

LED Display Hair Clipper

  • Catch frequent breaks

While working on baby’s hair, give the baby frequent short breaks to allow the baby space. Going on consistently makes the baby feel constrained.

LED Display Hair Clipper

  • Allow siblings or parents around

Allowing the other parent or a sibling around when you are carrying out this task is creating a comfort zone for the baby.

SURKER Hair Clipper

Cutting baby’s hair does not have to be such a tough task anymore. Incorporate the few tips with the use of the easy to use SURKER LED display hair clipper. Safe hair cutting is possible right at home with this LED display hair clipper without endangering either the baby or you while doing it.


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