How to Get a Squishy Package

If you have ever used an exerciser or what we commonly refer as a stress ball, then you understand how they help release tension when squeezed repeatedly.  A squishy is like a descendant of stress balls but is not necessarily made to relieve anxiety. Squishies are brightly colored toys made from special foam called polyurethane that is capable of returning to its original shape slowly after being squeezed. In the modern era, squishies are becoming a trend that everyone but mostly kids wants to have one.

How to get a squishy package

Uses of squishes

Just as the name suggests, they are used for squishing and for that matter squishing good. They are also used for:

  • Relieving anxiety- as I had mentioned earlier, squishies behave the same way as stress balls do and they are used to relieve stress and anxiety. Surprisingly, not only adults require a squishy to relax because even kids get relaxed once they squeeze a squishy when angry and agitated.
  • Decoration- if you are party person then you must have noticed all those candy placed all over but they aren’t edible. Well, those are squishies that can be bought in a package depending on your interests or what we refer as theme. They are not necessarily meant to decorate a party but also a house during normal days like for instant a variety of squishies that resemble fruits on the dining table.
  • Kids toy- have you noticed how kids won’t stop talking about squishy toys and asking for one? This is because beside their squishiness, they can come in many forms ranging from animals, fruits, candy and sweets and many more. In addition, they are scented like the scent of the image they take and that’s why you have to keep an eye on kids while they are playing because they might try eating the squishies.

If you are looking for the most adorable squishy package at an affordable price I recommend you buy from They have a wide variety of squishy packages small and big that can bring colorful cuteness in your life. No matter what your obsession is you will find your interests at ranging from food squishies, emoji squishies, animal squishies, candy squishies, toy squishes and the list never seems to end.  Make an order today and your squishy package will be delivered wherever you are and enjoy a whole new world of softness.

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