How to Have a Funny Picnic with Your Children?

Picnic is one of interesting outdoor activities, which you can do with your children. Children like it very much because it can provide a chance for them to enjoy playing with their parents. And it is also a good chance for parents to improve the relationship with their children. It’s summer now, a wonderful time to have a picnic with your children. But before having a perfect picnic, what you should prepare may be unknown to you. So today I want to give some tips to you,with my hope that all of you can have a funny picnic with your children.

  1. Prepare a good weather.

A good weather is very important for a picnic. No rain, no strong solar radiation is the basic weather condition for a picnic. The most suitable weather for a picnic is the sunny day with bright sunshine and breeze, which will not make people feel hot. And the breeze enables you to fly kites with your children. So it may be wonderful and funny for children.

1.Prepare a good weather.

  1. Prepare a site

For a picnic, you can choose a park, a garden, a backyard of your home. I think to have a funny picnic with your children, you should choose a place with great space where you can fly kites and play game with your children.

  1. Prepare some games that you can play with your children

To have a funny picnic with children, games are necessary. During a picnic, you can play many kinds of games with your children such as fly kites, play baseball, frisbee rounders, Clap and catch,Blanket volleyball and so on. And you can also find more interesting games online.


  1. Prepare the necessary things for a picnic

Apart form something necessary for a picnic in your picnic mat bag, you also need to prepare something that you need in the games your play like kite, rounders, baseball and two picnic mat, which depends on what games you prepare.

picnic mat bag

  1. Prepare funny food

Funny food is one of the most important things you should prepare for a picnic with children. So just try to make the food funny. There are many ideas about funny food such as making Monster Apple Faces, pie-in-a-cup, Teddy Bear Sandwiches, watermelon pies and so on. Or you can also make some cookies by some funny cookies cutters or add some dipping sauces to your child’s food, which is easy for you to do.

funny food

In a word, funny food and games are necessary for a picnic with your children. Have you got it? Now, take your picnic mat bag to have a picnic with your children.

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