How to Make Dinner Time Funny for Your Children?

I am a housewife who is the mother of a boy and a girl so most of time of mine will be spent in chores especially in the cooking for my children. Both my son and daughter are picky eaters. In order to provide them with a balance diet, I have to spend much of my time and energy in cooking for them. Under my mother’s guidance, I have accumulated some experience on cooking, among which the easiest way is to make dinner interesting, which can let them eating while playing. So in the following, I will share some tips with you.

1.Let your child choose what to eat

You can take your child to go shopping and let them choose the food they want so that you can know them what he prefers to eat. What’s more, you can make your child enjoy choosing what they want to eat and improve the relationship between you and him.

Let your child choose what to eat

2.Let your child join the cooking process

Dress him like a little cook with an apron and a chef’s cap, and ask him to your assistant. Let him prepare the food they like, for example let them wash, cut it by using an electric potato slicer or mix the ingredients, which can make them fall in love with the food.

Let your child join the cooking process

3. Make the food funny

Making the food funny is the easiest way to let your child eat. For example, you can cut the food into interesting shapes by using stainless steel vegetable cutters, which can make the food more lovely and then your child will love them. Especially when you are  preparing desserts like cookies, you can make the cookies into the shape of lovely animals, cartoon figure,  letter, flower by using all kinds of cheap cookie cutters.

3.Make the food funny

4. Name the food after your child’s or let your child give the food name.

Name the food after your child’s name can tell us that this dish is prepared for him so that he will love it more and you can also let your child give the food name,which can develop his imagination ability in the same time.

5. Grow your own vegetables.

If you have a garden, you can let your child join the gardening activity, which can provide them with a chance to experience the happiness of growing food. For example, you can ask them to watering vegetables, fruits or collect them with cotton garden gloves, making him more interested in the food.

6. Creating an interesting atmosphere in dinner time

In dinner time, you can create an interesting atmosphere according to the food you made or play some games before dinner, which can involve your child in the interesting atmosphere quickly.






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Hello! I am Carmen. I am a mother of baby girl. She is so cute and I love her very much. I enjoy playing with her and buying beautiful clothes to make her more adorable. In this blog, I will share some tips about parenting with you. And I hope it can help you take care of your baby.

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