How to Make Your Dollhouse


Possibly you have been looking for a meaningful hobby, and you are contemplating trying to build a dollhouse. You may even are somewhat hesitant to venture into something that you had always thought was just for little girls. If that is the case, then you can put your mind at ease because dollhouses have grown in popularity in recent years among adult hobbyists and collectors. So, all you need is to know…how to make a dollhouse.

DIY Dollhouse

To be sure, you could purchase an “already-assembled” model. That, of course, limits your choices but can still be a fulfilling hobby as you take on the role of “collector.” Some vendors will assemble your house for you. Expect, however, that your dollhouse will cost considerably more than if bought a DIY Dollhouse model.

One of the most beautiful parts of dollhouses as a side of interest is that there are so many possibilities regarding involvement.

1) Collecting– it might be said, collectors are shoppers. So, if shopping is your thing, then you may find this side of the hobby aisle to your liking. First, you find a house that you like at a show, in a store, online, or at a dollhouse show. When you have a house in your possession, then you will want to consider what goes in it. That’s where the pleasure begins. Here you consider details like the architectural style, the time (vintage or modern), and how the occupants will live in each different room.

Once you have a clear vision of what goes in your house, then the hunt begins for the “just right” furniture, accessories, dolls, and doll clothing. You will be shocked at the variety of detailed pieces that will help you make your vision a reality. You will also likely be surprised at how much some of those tiny items cost and even more so at what some collectors are willing to pay.


2)  Construction– You have two essential alternatives for dollhouse construction. The first is to construct your house from plans. Those plans can either be purchased (there are some free plans online) or you can design your own. If you possess the talent, creativity, and skill for such a venture building your own Dollhouse will be a good fit for you.

The second option for the building is to purchase a kit. Kits are readily available in just about every style imaginable, and they range in price from about $100 to oh-my-gosh! Another important deliberation here is the degree of exertion, so be sure to get that info before you make your purchase. Most sellers can supply that information. Some kits are pretty involved and not for the faint of heart. Any pastime should be a stress release and not a stress source.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may also want to build and paint your furniture and fittings. That can be particularly fun if you are handy with crafts. You can even make your drapes, rugs, and linens.

3)  Collector/Builder– You may locate the most desire by combining collecting and building. There is no “precise” or “wrong” level of suggestion. You Just find what’s working and get started.

Once you have embraced your new hobby, you will discover that there is a beautiful community of people who share your interest. When you get stuck on “how-to-do-something”, you can turn to forums for help. These people who love their craft are generally willing to share their knowledge.

If you are ready to get into dollhouse building and collecting you will also enjoy the conventions and gatherings. Through them, you will make new friends who share your interest.

Everything you need on how to make a dollhouse is right there waiting for you to get started. Begin by determining how you want to get involved in this great hobby and then get to work. You will likely realize as have others that dollhouses provide an enjoyable escape into a world where your dreams can come true.

DIY Dollhouse


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