Will a baby bath seat make it simpler for you to wash a wiggly little one? It’s conceivable; however, most families don’t require one of these bath-time helpers. Baby bath seats were in time past viewed as important to enable your infant to remain put in the tub. However, these days they’re in reality scarce in stores despite current safety standards that tended to common problems. 

Some baby safety professionals even requested bath seats to be banned totally in the U.S. If you decide to utilize a baby bath seat, you should notice potential safety issues. Here’s how to pick and utilize a baby bath seat safely. 

baby bath ring


Try not to Buy Used 

Used bath seats are anything but difficult to find at garage sales. Still, they most likely don’t fulfil the latest safety standards which became effective in 2010. One significant part of the new safety standards is the requirement for smaller leg openings. On older bath seats, the bigger leg opening could permit a baby to slip right through and get trapped. 

There are additionally stricter testing prerequisites to ensure the bath seat won’t tip over while being used. Likewise included in the standards are extra warning stickers warning parents not to leave an infant unattended in the water. 


Features of Shower Seat and Bath Ring

Search for smooth surfaces that can be effortlessly cleaned. Although you’re utilizing it in the shower, it won’t generally be perfect. Indeed, even delicate baby soaps can develop on bath seats, and babies may sometimes experience a bath-time potty accident, so you’ll need to have the option to tidy the seat up when required.

Ensure all alterations or latches work efficiently. Remember that you’ll most likely be utilizing these features with one hand since you’ll require a hand for the baby. You need a product that is sturdy without being complicated. 

Search for what the maker states about weight or age limits. Some bath seats may come with a low weight limit that makes them less helpful for cleaning those charming fat rolls on your chunky baby. Several shower seats demonstrate that you should quit utilizing them when your baby learns out how to stand, while others can be utilized well into toddlerhood. 


Is Baby Seat Really Needed? 

In a word, no. Since bath seats and baby bath rings are intended for babies who are already able to sit unassisted; they’re not a fundamental item. You can simply place your infant in the tub and remain next to the tub to monitor and offer help if necessary. 

Babies usually grow out of their infant bathtub at four to a half-year-old, which is about the time babies figure out how to sit up all alone, as well. When your child can sit unassisted, soon he/she will try to stand up. The utilization of most rigid bath seats ought to be suspended when an infant starts standing up. So, several numbers of families skip the bath seat since it has an extremely short valuable life. 



Regardless of which sort of bath seat or ring you pick, always remember that it’s additional assistance for you, yet still have to keep an eye on your baby consistently. Purchasing a baby bath ring or baby bath seat can prove challenging, that’s why I would recommend you visit to save yourself the stress.

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