Tips for Selecting The Ideal Urinal For Potty Training Your Boy

Potty training is one of the most important phases in a young boy’s life. Being able to use the toilet on his own will benefit him greatly and give him a measure of independence at a very young age. However, the process has to be managed carefully to give him the best idea of how it works. Boys and girls use the toilet in distinctly different ways, so your boy requires a urinal that suits him. A young boy has to use the urinal in a standing position, and this must be considered when choosing the ideal urinal for potty training your boy. Here are four tips to help you select the right urinal.

 kids urinal

• Flexibility.

The ideal urinal should be flexible and easy to move around. It can be mounted on the wall, placed on the floor or attached to an existing toilet depending on the level of potty training your boy is currently going through. A fixed urinal would not be much use if your boy follows you to the toilet and is trying to urinate at a similar height or position.

 kids urinal

• Easy to empty and clean

In his early days, your young boy will make plenty of mistakes and splash urine all over the kids urinal and the floor as he masters the art of directing his stream the right way. This could mean that you have to empty and wash the urinal multiple times in one day. As a result, you need to select a urinal that isn’t too heavy as he will soon start trying to empty it by himself and you don’t want any accidents.

 kids urinal

• No urine guard

Urinals that have urine guards help to prevent urine from splashing around as your young boy learns to use the toilet. However, the guard could damage his penis as he will move around a lot at the start of the potty training lessons. Select a urinal that has no guard so that he can urinate freely and learn to remain in one position when peeing as time goes on. You don’t want him ruining his genitals before he really knows how to use it.

 kids urinal

• Lifelike experience

It goes without saying that imitation is a child’s greatest learning tool and your boy will follow your footsteps in the toilet as well. Using a urinal that needs him to sit or bend while you are standing might be difficult as your words will not match your actions. Ensure that you pick a urinal that allows both of you to pee side by side if possible.


The right urinal can make potty training faster and easier for you and your boy and as you begin to teach him the ropes, each of these tips will come in handy at one point or another. Every boy is different and it will take varying amounts of time to master the skill of using the toilet. However, these four tips will ensure that you have provided him with the best equipment possible to kick-start his potty training. For more kid urinals, please go to Banggood.



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