Love Winter As Well As Spring

Though it is grimly cold in the winter, there are still many people who love winter and sing praises of the winter. Maybe the most well-known motto is from famous poet Shelley: if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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Actually the reason why some people have a preference for winter is that the beautiful flexible and elusive snow presents human kind a visual feast in this season. To some degree snow has been a symbol of purity and innocence in so much literary and artistic work. In reality, snow indeed plays an important role in production and life of human beings.

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For example, there is a saying which goes like this: the heavy snow forecasts a big harvest of the following year. In the view of scientists, it can be explained. Heavy snow could freeze some injurious insects to death and thus relieves pressure of laborious farmers.

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In China there are also some fairy tales about snow, one of which goes like this: long long ago human kinds have little food to eat in winter. Out of sympathy the god made a plan of giving out noodles to them in the coldest days by the way of raining. Later people indeed needn’t starve but they learn to waste. After the god had known the truth he got angry and promised not to give material assistance to man. What’s worse, the god made his mind to change noodles to snow as a punishment.

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Though the authenticity of this story is uncertain, but it can be used to educate kids to value food and cherish present happy life. As the winter comes near, it is really a good educational material. When it comes to snow, children will be excited because they can enjoy playing freely in snow ground, such as snowman-making and snowball-fighting. But the most important thing is to keep warm for kids. For girls, a children flower coat is essential and fashionable in frozen snow ground.

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Of course, there are also selective choices of children long sleeve coat for boys. Overall in the cold winter, both the education of the child and keeping warm is important.


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