Parenting Insights: All You Need to Know About Potty Training

Being a parent is a life-changing experience. Some find it overwhelming and frustrating at times. Others embrace the challenge with great joy and commitment. The truth is parenting is not easy, mostly because children don’t come with instructional manuals, the challenges they bring will all be new to you.One of the challenges is teaching your child to use the kids urinal. There are a number of reasons why parents should potty train their children.

kids urinal

* You don’t buy nappies anymore.

* Daycares don’t charge you for extra care.

* You satisfy your child’s urge to learn and grow.

This piece seeks to explore important details about this kind of training, when is the right time to do it, how to do it, and some precautions to look out for. Hopefully, in the end, you will more than ready to train your little one.

kids urinal

When is a good time to train your kid to go to the bathroom?

There is no straight answer to this question; there are a few things to consider aiding your decision. For instance, you have to be sure that your child is ready for potty training. This suggests that you do a little readiness test on your child by looking at the following.

* Does the child show interest and follows you into the bathroom?

* Is the child able to communicate effectively and carry out simple instructions?

* Can the child take action independently? For example: does he or she wake up in the morning, find his or her shoes, and put them on without you telling him to do so?

kids urinal

How to potty train your child?

Once you have established that your child is ready to undergo training, you have to figure out a suitable approach. The simplest way to do it is through role-playing. Buy a potty chair and place it in the bathroom next to the real one.

If it’s a boy, ask daddy to take the little man to watch him in the bathroom. This will stimulate more curiosity in him. Pretty soon he will start touching his private region to show some level of understanding about what is going on. Show him the potty chair and tell him to pee in it. The same works with the girl, let mommy do a little demonstration first.

kids urinal

Precautions you should take

Remember that learning how to potty is a sensitive issue. If not done right, it can lead to some psychological problems later in the child’s life. It is for this reason that you should never punish any mistakes during the training.

Be sure to reward his or her accomplishments after some trial and error. It is very simple to lose your patience during the training. But time is no factor when you are dealing with such a sensitive matter. One other thing is to avoid pushing your child, it should always be voluntary.

kids urinal

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Hello! I am Carmen. I am a mother of baby girl. She is so cute and I love her very much. I enjoy playing with her and buying beautiful clothes to make her more adorable. In this blog, I will share some tips about parenting with you. And I hope it can help you take care of your baby.

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