Prevent Baby from Pinching in the Door

Babies are so vulnerable that you should keep an eye on them all the time. As they are infants, you just need to watch them or hold them in your arms, since they spend a great deal of time on sleeping. However, things get complicated when they are able to stumble around in the house, because you have to worry about their safety in many respects. In that period, some baby proofing products would be needed to protect them.

baby door safety lock

As many babies might have done, my daughter has pinched her finger in the door, and the sight of her crying have tugged at my heartstrings. From then on, I have tried my best to make sure that everything is safe for her. To prevent your baby from injuries that is caused by closing door, here are two things you should know about. Firstly, you shouldn’t let him use the door on his own. Secondly, to buy some safety product to protect them is inevitable.

baby door safety lock
There are many different products that are available online for protecting baby, for example, baby door safety lock which is quite useful. The door lock works well, since it would keep the door closed. As the door locks, there are many different locks that work in different way. For that reason, I have to stress that if one product does not work for you then you should try the other one. I believe that you could find the best safety products eventually.

baby door safety lock

There are some pinch guards of which shapes are like letter U. This is pretty useful, since it could prevent the door from slamming. This product is made of plastic foam, which is soft and safe to touch or use.

baby door safety lock

baby door safety lock

Your baby is a godsend to you, so no matter how hard the parenting will be, just embrace it.

baby proofing products


Hi! I'm Vicky, a writer, editor, and blogger. I’m also a mom of boy-girl twins. I love my kids. I would share tips of parenting with you, and I wish my experience could give you some help.

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