Protect Baby from Hurt

In the modern society, many parents are lack of experiences of taking care of children. In the process of raising children, some man-made and non-human factors may do harm to children. Sometimes children get hurt because of negligence of parents. It is necessary for parents to learn to prevent children from bruises, scald, dislocated, fall, electric shock and etc. and install baby proofing products for protection.

baby proofing products

baby proofing products

Before 2 years old, baby is still too young because they begin to learn to climb, stand and walk. Parents need to protect them to avoid falling, suffocation and other situation. When baby begin to walk, they may be tall enough to touch things on the table. Parents could not place important things or those may hurt baby on the table.

baby proofing products

For children between two to three years old, they are lively and active with running, kicking, jumping and climbing all the time. So we need to take more care of them. We should try to give them a safe environment. Install safety corner protector at the table, desk and all furniture which have corners. Children’s ability of self-control and judge will be developing later than motor function. It is necessary to keep the environment safe for children.

baby proofing products

Children who are older than three years old like to do outdoor sports activities with enhance of their athletic ability. But it is still dangerous when we do outdoor sports. It is inevitable to run, jump, climb and drill in outdoor activities. So it is very important for parents to teach children to protect themselves. Security self-care education runs through all aspects of life so it is necessary to strengthen safety education and train children’s security self-care ability.

baby proofing products

You need to prepare a small medicine cabinet for baby so when baby fell a little bit uncomfortable, you don’t need to hurried to the hospital. But you need to take children to see the doctor promptly if the conditions get worse so as not to delay treatment.


I love babies. Babies are always cute and warm. I always think that babies are worthiest to be cherished. Do you love kids? Do you have your sweet babies? If you do so, I am glad to know you and share the interesting babies’ stories with you from each other.

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Hi Carol,

Thank you so much for these tips.I am already considering two baby gates to start with the Baby Proofing job.Seeing the baby trying to reach for the gas stove scared me like anything.
I have one question. Can I do all these by myself or I need to get in touch with some specialist. I am not sure, where will I get all these accessories like door knob covers.?