Squishy Toys: Made For Your Child


A squishy is a soft toy made of a specially articulated soft polyurethane foam that gently returns to its original shape after being squeezed. Squishies are manufactured into many different shapes and sizes, such as fruits, food items, and animals. They are often fragranced to match the object symbolized. The toy can be also called kawaii squishy, kawaii, meaning “cute” in Japanese.

Originating in Japan, squishy became accessible in the US in the spring of 2017. In the following years, the toys become famous worldwide and have a massive presence on social media (especially Instagram and YouTube).

Squishy toys became popular among children and adolescents, but also adults, for the palpable pleasure that one experiences squishing them — which is said to relieve stress.

Get ready for the new toy craze among kids! Squishies are catching the attention of many youngsters. While the online game counterpart, is skyrocketing to internet fame, the vending machine toys are also becoming fashionable! Garnering the care of many kids, the squishies have occupied vending machines as mini pencil toppers. Encase in little clear plastic balls; these cute pencil toppers come in many squishy forms. The kid-friendliness of the game is adapted into the https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/achat-viagra-en-france/ pencil toppers, for they are non-toxic and soft. They are perfectly harmless for any child above three years of age.

Squishy toys

For just a few drops of coins, one can enjoy the delightful charm of the Squishies in the form of pencil toppers. Each squishy effortlessly fits any standard pencil or pen. Acquire one yourself to see what we mean.

Home Made Squishy

Squishy can be made at home without sponge material, such as cushion foam available at most craft stores or even a kitchen sponge. Memory foam is another suitable material that can be used. Use scissors to cut the sponge into whatever shape you like. Color can be added using fabric markers, chalk pastels, 3D paint, or window paint. Paints can be applied using a paintbrush or popsicle stick.

A very simple squishy can be easily made using paper and tape without foam. Draw and color the shape of your squishy on a piece of paper. Next, cut out two identical pieces for the front and back. The two sides get tape-recorded together, leaving the bottom open and space for the filling. They are then stuffed with a material that simulates the slow rising property of foam, such as wool cotton, plastic bag pieces, or other safe materials. You can even add natural scents to them, like fruit zest. Finally, tape everything closed. The outside can be made stronger by wrapping clear tape or duct tape over it.

What Kind of Squishies Are There?

There is such an enormous diversity of shapes, themes, colors, and characters available, so it makes them collectible.”

Squishy toys

How to care for Squishies

Squishies are not very strong and can be easily broken. Direct sunlight, in particular, can cause them to lose their fragrance and color. Sunlight can also make them fall apart over time, so keep them away from direct sunlight if you want them to last for a long time.


The fun in collecting these Squishy is essential in collecting 90s toys like Tamagochi, beanie babies, action figures, and such. But Squishies are a whole lot economical to obtain. Surely, Squishies are the latest trend that does not have any adverse impact on the younger generation. It is obtainable at banggood.com at an affordable price.

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