Striped Dresses for Baby Girl

It’s very lovable for baby girls to wear striped dresses, since stripe is a fashion element that would never be out-of-date. Stripe is a very classic pattern, and it wouldn’t be too fancy. For that reason, striped dresses would be adorable and fashionable for your little girl to wear. It would be stunning to match baby girl dresses with sandals in summer, and here are some beautiful striped dresses that I want to share with you.

baby girl dresses

Spaghetti dresses would be excellent in this hot summer. As the picture shows above, the striped dresses in navy and white are very classic. The little girl who dressed in the striped dress looks fantastic, since the colors of the dress are refreshing.

baby girl dresses

A striped dress in black and white is very common, and it would be cute to have a red anchor on the dress. This kind of striped dresses is very lively, and it wouldn’t be old-fashioned.

kids clothes

Some ice cream colors may cool you off. A striped dress in aqua and white may be the best choice. The dresses which are made of lace and chiffon could make your baby girls look more elegant. You could match this striped dress with a pair of sandals, while the mother in the picture matches it with a pair of leather shoes.

baby girl dresses

The dresses above have combined the stripe in black and white with chiffon in aqua. I believe that clothing in aqua may become a trend in this year. If you don’t know which kind of kids clothes to choose, you should buy your girl a dress in aqua.

baby girl dresses

It would be more eye-catching to wear some striped dresses in red and white. It is rare to find such a dress, since the dress in red is too bright to wear. The dresses in the picture have been colored in navy with some white dots on the top. This design is kind of like the flag.


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