Take photos for baby

Taking some photos for baby is one of the best way to record the growth of children, moms and dads can witness the growth of a true record of the baby. Most families with children are usually take some photos during some special and significant period of growth,  they will go to a professional photo studio. However, more parents are likely to take some photos at home. Here are some suggestions.

baby photography props

First of all, you must prepare an SLR camera, SLR camera has good color saturation. Secondly, you should pick a good background and the scene before shooting. Background should not be very fancy,  just the background with white walls are good, which helps to have some beautiful photos.

baby photography props

If weather permitting, it is better to take photos outdoor, because outdoor light is natural, the effect are generally good. However, clothing and accessories are very important. Girls wear some beautiful dresses and boys wear some suits, which will make them look more cute and handsome.

baby photography props

In order to take some beautiful photos, baby photography props are produced and finally made.

baby photography props

Please choose some brightly colored clothing, or put on clothes which make him look very cute, very funny. And you can buy some materials that will make your children beautiful, like baby hair accessories and so on.

Thirdly, you can use a small toy or small food to attract baby, let your baby play with toys when posing. On the other hand, find ways to tease him or make him laugh or just exhibit other expressions, which helps to capture the wonderful moments and make photos look more natural.


I love baby, baby brings you a complete life. When you have a baby, you will care so much that anything he wants, comes before your own desires; When you have a baby, you‘re willing to do anything to make him smile; When you have a baby,you have to be forever confident in front of him and giving him the sense of security;

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