How to Teach Children to Brush Their Teeth?

Did you now that brushing your teeth is important to have a healthy baby? Now you know. Various studies have shown that the chances of low birth weight and premature birth are increased with gum diseases. If you are not brushing your teeth and you are expectant; the bacteria build-up in your mouth can travel through the bloodstream of your baby in that way putting your baby at risk.

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Because of the importance of children brushing their teeth, it is not only important to provide them with the best toothbrush but also to teach them to brush and how to brush properly. The Xiaomi DOCTOR B toothbrush is greatly recommended. The Xiaomi children toothbrush is specially designed for children, protecting your children’s oral cavity while splendidly serving its purpose. Consequently, below are the tips on how to teach children to brush their teeth.

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1. Be a role model

Children learn more by observing what we do. They love to copy what we do. The only way to show that maintaining great oral health matters is through brushing in front of your child/children. By making brushing a family affair, it sends a message and convinces them that it is right.

Xiaomi Children Toothbrush

2. Make it fun

Children love fun, just like grown-ups but maybe in different ways. The only way to make them love an activity like brushing teeth is by making it a fun and normal daily routine. You can crack jokes, tap dance, or play one of your child’s favorite songs as the child is brushing their teeth with Xiaomi children toothbrush.

Xiaomi Children Toothbrush

3. Start a routine and observe it

The best way for your child to keep brushing her/his teeth is to make the time of brushing predictable. There is always this tendency for example when you are not operating under your normal schedule to forget to tell your child to brush or leave the brushing until it is very late. With the child’s best toothbrush, daily he/she should brush the teeth twice for 2 minutes each.

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4. Reward the child

First you must know what motivates your child. If your child happens to have good brushing behavior, reward the child for her/his efforts. A reward can make the child maintain routine brushing of teeth with his favorite Xiaomi DOCTOR B Toothbrush. The reward may be stickers, toys or a bedtime story or just words like telling the child you are proud of him/her.

Xiaomi DOCTOR B Toothbrush

In conclusion, the tips are not that exhaustive and you can think of other innovative ways to teach children. Not to be forgotten also is to have the best toothbrush like Xiaomi

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