Teach Your Baby Earlier in the Funny Way

Before your baby going to school or kindergarten, you might want to teach your baby in advanced. However, how to provoke his interest about learning would be a great big problem during the early education. In view of that, I would love to share with you the AR education card, which could help you teach your baby earlier in the funny way. And I bet this AR education card is a great big fun for you baby as well.


This one can be one of those best baby toys for your baby. Compared with other education cards, this one from Digoo is creative and at reasonable price. And there are several benefits of using the Digoo BB CQ1 education card.



After download the APP, you could see from the APP that those animals in the education card are so realistic. Most of the education card shows animals as cartoon.


To show your baby the real animal in the smart phone would be an important thing. And everything in the APP is alive, like the animal could make a sound, and even the transportation could also make a sound. And you could zoom in or zoom out, so that you baby could see the image clearly. And it would be fun for your baby to learn something new.



There are two standard languages to help your baby pronounce the word correctly, English and Chinese.


A smartphone could scan 5 pieces of the education card in the same time, and you could install the APP again if you delete it unconsciously. And you don’t have to connect your phone with the WiFi as using the APP, which also means that you could use this wherever you want.



In short, this one is affordable and fun. You should probably buy this AR education card for your little one right now.


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