The Best Sleep Positioners for Babies

A baby sleep positioner is a mat with raised supports or pillows attached to each side. They are designed to keep babies in a specific position while sleeping. They come in two forms, the One with a flat mat with soft wedges on either side. Or, the slight incline one that keeps your baby in an upright position. Are Sleep Positioners safe? The answers differ from a parent to another. This remains a topic to discuss.

Some of the best choices to go for when thinking to purchase an infant sleeping positioner include

The Hypoallergenic waterproof crib mattress

The Hypoallergenic waterproof crib mattress

As the name suggests, it is 100% waterproof the mattress protector protects it from all fluids, including body fluids, urine, or accidental spills. It has a unique design with head support, back support, and raised leg support. The head support is ideal to keep the baby’s head nice and round, while the adjustable leg support elevates the baby’s legs to help with digestion and breathing. The manufacturers use soft, breathable, high-quality fabric to provide comfortable breathability. It is also easy to wash and dry

The Bibly Baby – Portable Baby Bed

The Bibly Baby - Portable Baby Bed

This portable and safe baby bed comes with a double head support to prevent flat head syndrome. The baby mattress is thick with comfortable fabric. What’s more, this portable baby bed is easy to clean too. The panda design makes it look adorable and unique. This crib wedge comes with a thick piece for maximum baby comfort. The manufactures used a super soft bird’s eye cloth in this lounger pillow that your baby will love.

Ree Portable Newborn Baby sleeper

Ree Portable Newborn Baby sleeper

This beauty is made of Ultra-soft cotton fabric and breathable padded 3D mesh fabric that allows constant airflow for perfect head, back, and neck ventilation.  This provides a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep. The ergonomic headrest and body support with padded edges make it comfortable. It’s easy to clean and portable, multipurpose as it can be used as a crib for beds, travel beds, strollers, and much more. This makes it an essential accessory.

Taking care of an infant is stressful for any parent. The right sleep positioner might ease that stress a bit. But with doubts being raised about their safety, baby sleep positioners are promptly losing popularity. Therefore, do some research and then decide if you want to buy one for your little one.



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