The Perfect Gift for Your Child

Have you ever thought about getting her a reborn baby doll? This doll has been carefully crafted to resemble a real human baby. Over the years, the crafters of these dolls have made milestone discoveries on the new tricks and ways to make these dolls feel like actual real babies.

Reborn Baby Doll

Mohair from goats has been used as the baby-hair, the baby skin is made from vinyl, not plastic and painted with acrylic oil paints to give it the glow suppleness of a human baby skin, a battery-powered heartbeat simulators are installed to give the doll a real heartbeat perception; also, they have installed fluid and fat bags into these dolls to make them feel soft and warm when cuddling, last but not least dolls have been mechanized to simulate real baby sounds triggered by different situations and moods such as hunger, harm, comfort, happiness, and sadness.

Reborn Baby DollChecking online, a shopper will find several manufacturers making the reborn babies; they all peg different prices on the dolls depending on the quality and sizes demanded by the shopper. Browsing the online stores, the online shopper finds descriptions like “22inch reborn baby doll, breathing and warm.” A 22inch reborn baby doll is more expensive than the smaller ones since it closely resembles a real baby by size. An online shopper seeking quality should buy such a doll.

Reborn Baby Doll

Why should you buy your baby a reborn baby doll?

  • Helps develop the baby’s motor skills.
  • Develop coordination skills.
  • The baby will grow her communications abilities by pretending to speak with her doll.
  • Learning of new words, for example, names of the doll’s clothing
  • The doll can be used to teach the baby human anatomy such as the body parts.
  • Develops the child emotionally as she grows attached to the doll.
  • Grows the child’s imagination as she imagines different scenarios when playing with it.
  • Boosts the child’s confidence.
  • When she washes the doll, she learns to be independent and caring.

22inch Reborn Baby Doll

Your baby learns a lot by interacting with the reborn baby doll more than you can imagine. She develops social skills, some of which you cannot teach her simply by the word of mouth. She learns to care for the doll like her own baby. You will watch her feed the doll, wash it, sing it songs, dress it, take it out for a crib ride and all these in a nutshell result to responsible parenting.

22inch Reborn Baby DollWhen living with these dolls, children tend to grow their nurturing skills as they create different scenarios with them. At times, the child may encounter challenging situations such as what kind of clothes to dress it, or the type of food to pretend to feed it. In such scenarios, the child learns how to resolve conflicts and negotiate her way out of difficult situations.





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