The Review of AVENT Baby Feeding Bottle

To feed a newborn baby, breasts and feeding bottle are the major way. Breastfeeding is the most healthy way but in the real life it is not feasible to feed baby with breasts all the time. This is because mom need breaks in order to care for herself and her baby well. So there is a necessity that parents introduces a bottle. However, there are many kinds of baby feeding bottles provided in the market, from which it is hard for you to choose a good bottle for you baby, especially for the people who become the parents at their first time. Actually, when pick up a bottle, the basic rule for you to follow is to find a baby friendly one that baby can be able to latch properly. AVENT Baby Feeding Bottle may be well complied with the rule of baby friendliness. Let me make a detailed review on it for you. Baby Feeding Bottle


Generally speaking, when we consider choosing a baby feeding bottle, the material of the bottle is the first we should take into consideration because it is closely related to the health of our baby. AVENT t baby feeding bottle is made from Polypropylene, a BPA-free material, which is safe for your baby so you do not need to worry that it is poisonous. What’s more, the plastic bottle is so light as to easy for your baby to take.

Baby Feeding Bottle

A baby friendly feeding bottle should have a nipple that baby can be able to latch properly. So the nipple of the bottle should be able to provide a baby with experience like breast feeding. AVENT baby feeding bottle’s nipple is designed to be breast like so that baby can feel so intimate as to latch it properly. Moreover, the breast like nipple is wider on the base and typically come with a wider neck bottle body so it is very easy for you to clean it.

Baby Feeding Bottle


A convenient and cleaned bottle is also your pursuit when you are choosing a feeding bottle. Avent baby feeding bottle is made from safe material. Likewise, it is equipped with a bottle cover which is so convenient for you to keep it from being polluted by the dusk when you finish feeding.


 Baby Feeding Bottle

In conclusion, AVENT Baby Feeding Bottle is baby friendly in every aspect. If you are finding a bottle for your baby, it may be the good choice for you. And there are many kinds of bottles available for you. But I advise you to take a careful look at them in order to keep your baby healthy. At last, I hope you can pick up a suitable one.




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