The Unique Connection: You and Your Child

As for your baby girl or baby boy, you would do everything and give them the best thing that you could get, since your baby is unique. For that reason, our babies probably take our loves for granted. Buying them cute baby clothes and giving them whatever they want are the ways that we express our love to them. I know that mother’s love is unconditional and overwhelming. However, some children’s reactions or movements might be super touching somehow and give us comforts. The video clip down below is a heart-warming one for all the mothers.

You could see from the video that those children’s eyes have been covered, and they are allowed to touch every mother carefully. Every child has their own way to recognize her mother. The first little girl recognized her mother by touching her mother’s hair and their little secrets, and her mother smiled so happily. As watching that scene, I almost burst into tears. All those details in the video are touching, and all those details have shown us that all women are unique due to the special bond between a mother and her child.

cute baby clothes

baby toys

I have to admit that this video has given me some comfort and reminded me of my mother. Sometimes, you just have to sniff your mother, and you will know that it’s her. After watching this video, I realize that mother’s love will get responses in some small place. Not only your baby is significant to you, but also you are quite unique and significant to your baby as well. With all the time that you have spent with them and all the baby toys that you have bought for them, they are consciously or unconsciously receive all the love that you have shown.

baby toys


Hi! I'm Vicky, a writer, editor, and blogger. I’m also a mom of boy-girl twins. I love my kids. I would share tips of parenting with you, and I wish my experience could give you some help.

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