How to Train Your Little Boy to Go to the Bathroom?

After a certain age after the kids begin the kids begin to grow up and move from the crawling age to the toddler one, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the kid is well potty trained. This act obviously requires some time plus non-cooperation from the boy only increases it. Kids obviously aren’t willing to cooperate, but sooner or later they learn how to understand and that is probably the best time for training.

kids urinal

Studies have shown that boys are little more active than girls at the same age and don’t really care for learning this, while girls learn it slightly early. Sometimes parents start training their son too early, it only takes the kid’s mind off from that for a long time. The best ways to train your children are described as follows.

kids urinal

Watch and Learn

Kids learn almost everything from what they see, they will always try to imitate that. When kids will see others using the bathroom they will be curious and will try to do the same. However, this will require constant supervision so that it doesn’t lead to anything injurious. Boys will also find it weird that his mother and father use the washroom differently which may be the best queue to teach them about sexual differences as well.


kids urinal

Right Equipment

Whenever the kids are trying to learn it is important that they have access to the right equipment. Nowadays, there are many potty training urinals available in the market which can help parents with this cause. It is important to understand that kids are fascinated by colors and lighting and buying a kids urinal with fancy stuff will only motivate the children. Using the adult bathroom without any supervision can be harmful to the kid as he may fall, for which parents may buy an adapter seat, but for the kids to understand the importance they need something for their own like a potty.

kids urinal


Training Schedules

Studies show that children learn at very early ages and making them keep a training routine will definitely discipline them. Sometimes motivating by fancy stuff isn’t always enough and they may require some strict due to the fact that boys are a little stubborn. Training schedules allow kids to time their bowel movements as much as they can.

kids urinal


It is normal for a kid to not provide motivating results for their parents but it is keen to understand triumphs and failures in order to keep the effort going.



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