What is a squishy toy?

As we both know, children are collectors by nature, and they all love trends. Now, the recent trend is a toy that originates from japan – squishies. I know you have many questions about these badboys, so I have tried to answer them all in this article. Continue reading and you will know everything there is to know about squishies.

What is a squishy toy?

For starters, let’s ask ourselves the million dollar question, what is a squishy toy? Let me answer you by telling you that a squishy is a spongy ‘bread-like’ toy that comes in different sizes and shapes. At times, they are cartoon characters, a type of food, or a combination of both. I mean, think of squishies as the newest stress ball, but softer and cuter. Squishies smells great, to the point where some people just attach hem t the phones or bags.

Why do children love squishy toys?

For starters, these toys are super cute. Secondly, children loves to squish stuff and be tactile with their toys. Moreover, since they have the nicest smell, kids just can’t resist them.

Where did the trend of squishy toys come from?

Just like other trends in the past, this trend originated from japan as well. And besides being super cute, squishy toys are also extremely popular as they are safe to kids, which means that parents can finally quit worrying too much and leave their kids to play.

How to buy a safe squishy toy?

Even though kids love toys they can have fun with, parents needs to be super careful when it comes to buying the safest one for the kids. Therefore, when shopping for a squishy toy, pay attention to the following;

  • Read the label – labels give key information, directions and warning signs about the toys, so it’s is very important for you to go through these information before you allow you kid to play with the toy.
  • Go bigger – consider buying bigger toys, as it is always a bet as you kids wouldn’t be able to swallow bigger toys as it is the case with smaller toys.
  • Avoid object-shooting toys as they can choke your kids
  • Avoid noisy toys as they could harm your child’s hearing.
  • Look for quality
  • Buy hard plastic as they are tough to break.
  • Say no to toxic materials as they are dangerous to the kids.

So basically, that pretty much on the squishy toys. They are pretty fun and always keeps the kids happy when playing with them.

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