What is a squishy?

A Squishy is a popular stress relief toy. Squishes are also known as Kawaii Squishes. Kawaii means cute in Japanese. They can help relieve stress and anxiety. People using them often feel a sense of calm when they squeeze and shape them. Squishes are sometimes infused with scents that match the look of them, so a strawberry cake squishy gives off the smell of strawberry. The scent can increase the relaxation effect.

Squishies are made from a special rubberized foam that is easily squeezed and then slowly goes back to the original shape. Squishes come in a variety of styles that often come from pop culture, anime, animals, and foods.

Categories of squishies 

Slow-rising Squishy
Squishy that re-inflates slowly after it has been squeezed. The speed can vary from several seconds to even minutes! Some squishies are labeled as semi-slow rising because they are not super slow or fast – just perfectly there in between.
Fast-rising Squishy
A squishy that re-inflates fast after it has been squeezed. These kind of squishies can rise in a couple of seconds, or pop back up immediately instead of actually rising.
Scented Squishy
A squishy that is infused with a scent. These kind of squishies have sweet scents which are usually related to their shapes; a flower squishy can have a lovely floral fragrance while a toast-shaped squishy can smell like a butter!
Soft Squishy
A squishy that is smooth and extra soft. These squishies are more softer than normal squishies and have extremely squishy texture. They are perfect for those who like their squishies as squeezable as possible!
Dense Squishy
A squishy that is the opposite of soft squishies (above). As the name suggests, they are denser than normal squishies and take more effort to squish. Perfect for those who want to relieve stress with firm squeezes!
We hope that this article helped you learn the basics about squishies. To purchase a squishy for your kid visit Banggood ; they sell beautiful squishies in different sizes and shapes.

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