Where to buy a fidget spinner

Fidget spinners are small, ball-bearing devices that are usually rotated between one’s fingers. The toy’s momentum provides a pleasing sensory experience. these spinners are marketed as an antidote for autism, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as they offers greater concentration for people with these conditions.

Where to buy a fidget spinner

Why are spinners so addictive?

Why spinners are thought to only be used by people who have a hard time concentrating, there are a lot more people who are addicted to this toy. I mean, the sensation one derives from holding a fast spinning contraption forms the largest part of this toy’s appeal. And as you tilt it back and forth while it whirrs, you will be able to feel a number of spinning forces that undulates your hand.

What do people do with them?

When using this spinner, the real fun comes when you try to pull off various stunts and tricks with is as the spinning forces take hold. As it spins, the spinner can be balanced on top of toes or fingers, and if you are the daring kind, your forehead or nose. And if you have more than one spinners, you can stack them on each other, to create a spinning tower that plays with your eyes. But perhaps the biggest challenge is to throw the spinner to your friend to try and catch it.

There are schools that have banned fidget spinners for being too distracting, but the truth is, that didn’t stop it from taking over the playgrounds. And due to their affordability, they have become quite popular. If you are interested in playing with a spinner, then you will interested to know that they aren’t only for kids. There spinners for adults that come in different colors and sizes. To those people who are under pressure to do something or are stressed, spinners can calm them down and encourage positive affirmations or good thoughts.

Where to buy fidget spinners

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