Where to buy daiso clay

The magic about daiso clay is that you only need a bit of kneading, poking and pushing, and it will turn to whatever you want it to be. I have worked with a number of clays and I just know how frustrating it can be to go through blocks of shitty before you find the perfect brand. Now, daisy clay, as one of the clays, is exceptional. It is an air-dry clay and it comes in small packs. It comes in different colors, and is very soft and smooth, which makes it super easy to shape. If you want to practice shaping and sculpting small things, it is the perfect choice as it is cheap and doesn’t require baking.

Where to buy daiso clay

With its good side, comes its bad one; one of the negative aspects of his clay is that it becomes apparent when you start dyeing it acrylic paint. It doesn’t take paint well, and even with just a tiny paint drop, the clay becomes super sticky, and it doesn’t absorb pigment when compared to other clays.

Features of daiso clay

Daiso clay can cure natural drying, and it doesn’t pollutes the hands. Also, it can be extended, which makes it easier to make the original work. Also, daiso clay can me molded around the core plastic bottles, cans, branches and the like. And when you mix it with different clays, you will create a variety of colors.

How to use

Before using daiso clay, ensure that you wash your hands. Then thoroughly kneed the clay until it becomes hard. Once it becomes hard, then knead it with wet hands, until it turns soft again. When making small items like flower petals, roll the clay out with a rolling pin where you will then cut with it with scissors. After that, allow it to dry for a few days. Then coat the resultant work with water-resistant varnish so as to protect it against water. Please remember; don’t place the resultant product exposed to outdoors or water.

Where to buy daiso clay

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