Where to buy safety eyes

There is every possibility that your teedy’s eyes can go missing, leaving the poor teddy looking decidedly forlorn. An elderly teddy bear that is played with often may lose his facial features over time. Unfortunately, replacing one eye is often difficult because it’s extremely hard to find one that matches the remaining one. That’s why I have put this article together to assist you in getting the perfect safety eyes for your teedy.

Safety eyes

How to use safety eyes?
If you haven’t heard of safety eyes before, they are specifically made for knitted, crocheted or fabric toys, usually made of plastic and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Each eye comes in two pieces – the eye itself, which has a post (or rod) behind it, and a plastic or metal washer. To attach the eye, you need to push the post of the eye through the fabric from the right side and then push the washer on the post from the wrong side, locking the eye into place.

How to attachsafety eyes to your Teddy
Before you stuff and finish a head piece, attach the safety eyes to the head. Position the beads by poking them through the space between stitches. Once you are happy with the placement of both the eyes, secure by attaching the washer from the inside of the head. Push up the washer until the eye is firmly attached.
Although Safety eyes cannot be easily pulled off, there are ways to remove them if you are unhappy with the placement. To remove safety eyes, use pliers to tear off the washer from the inside of the head. The disc will likely be ruined after this process, but a new washer will securely reattach the bead.

Where to buy safety eyes
Safety eyes can be purchased in sets of a few or kits of hundreds. Banggood is the ideal and trusted online store to get a safety eyes for your Teddy.

Safety eyes don’t have a sharp spike as an attachment, making it less likely that a child could be injured if the eye came out while they were playing with the bear.

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