Where to buy slow rising squishies

Squishies originated from Japan and are foam like toys that is soft, scented and fun to squeeze. Squishies come in all shapes and sizes ranging from food like products to cute looking characters.
Squishies are soft, squeezable toys made of polyurethane foam, similar to the classic “stress ball”. They can be squeezed over and over again and still return to their original form afterwards.
But they’re also so, so much more! Squishies come in a huge variety of shapes including animals, food, and pop culture characters. Popular squishie types include fruits, cats, bears, and sweets such as cakes, breads and doughnuts.

slow rising squishies
In addition to their bright, eye-catching colors and adorable shapes, many squishies are also scented. Fruit-shaped squishies give off enticing aromas of strawberry, apple and banana, while dessert-shaped ones let you catch a whiff of irresistible vanilla, chocolate, or even fresh-baked bread.

Benefits of squishies
Squishy is also a great form of stress relief for kids that have anxiety as squishing them releases tension, which helps with relaxation.
Like the similarly popular fidget spinners, squishies allow users to relieve excess energy through repetitive motion – in this case, consistent squeezing and releasing of the toy. The squishies’ sturdy polyurethane design allows them to survive even the most frantic of squishing!
If squeezing isn’t your thing, squishies can also be bounced, rolled, or tossed hand to hand for a similar effect.
Studies show that repetitive motions such as squeezing a squishie improve focus and information retention. Playing with a squishie can also increase grip strength and quicken reflexes.
Squeezing a squishie can also be very calming. It shuts off the flow of stress hormones in the brain and body similar to meditation or yoga.
With their soft designs, bright colors and calming scents, squishies have also become a popular toy among individuals with sensory processing disorders or on the autism spectrum. Their size, light weight and keychain attachments also make them an easy comfort object to bring along to school, work or vacation.

What are slow rising squishies?
These slow rising squishies are the most stress relieving and calming silly squishies! When you squeeze them, it takes a while for the squishy to regain its original shape.

Where to buy slow rising squishies
Now that you’ve learned all about the wonderful world of squishies, you can buy one for yourself or for your kids at Banggood.com Whether you’re buying your first ever squishie or your tenth, Banggood has the right squishie for you.

For your children’s safety, always look out for them when playing this, besides they are non-toxic which is safe for everyone not only for children. To prolong the life of your slow rising squishy, do not twist the, or pull them.

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