Where to Buy Squishies

A squishy is a super soft foam toy that is designed to be held and squeezed. From the definition of the word squishy, anything that is soft and ‘not firm’ can be referred to as squishy. Squishies comes in different sizes and shapes – from brightly colored animal ones to the realistic-looking food squishies. Some of them do have scents, which range from fruit scents to flowers or candies, enabling you to have double fun by enjoying some sweet scents while squeezing the squishy. If you are looking for something to help you relieve stress and anxiety, or just something to use as decoration, consider buying some squishies.

where to buy squishies

One of the key features of a squishy is its rising quality and texture. Squishies can be either fast rising or slow rising, or extremely soft or even made of a more dense material. To understand the kind of a squishy that’s in your hands, just squeeze it, then release and then allow it to re-inflate itself. To some, it might take several seconds before they get back to their original form, while some might pop back up almost immediately. This way, you will be able to tell the kind of squishy you have.

Types of squishies

  • Slow-rising squishy – when squeezed, this squishy re-inflates slowly. The speed may vary from several seconds to even minutes.
  • Fast-rising squishy – this is a squishy that quickly re-inflates after it has been squeezed. This type of squishies can pop back up immediately.
  • Scented squishy – this is the one that has been infused with a scent. They usually have super sweet scents that makes you just want to hold it more.
  • Soft squishy – this is the one that is extra soft and smooth. They are softer when compared to other squishies and they have an extremely squishy texture.
  • Dense squishy – this one is the exact opposite of soft squishies and it takes a little more effort to squish. They are the perfect ones for relieving stress.
  • Deco squishy – this one has a very minimalist decorations and colors, and they are meant to be decorated with one’s own personal touch.

Where to buy squishies

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