WlTOYS 144001 full Review: How Good is it?

Many are so proud of the excellent efforts made by the WLTOYS by producing an excellent RC buggy – Wltoys which is very affordable with the price of under USD$90, which is very good. This is regarded better than the Tamiya entry-level buggies and much better than the A979B. Though there is much slack system, it has a good steering setup. So, there is no need of replacing the stock steering and electronic system because its stock performance is quite good. This comes with a 550 motor that can be upgraded for a while.

WlTOYS 144001

In-Depth Analysis

With the stock components, the speed can run in a straight line which is a good buy. However, upgrading the A979B depends on the quality of the parts because the RC car parts are not perfect. When the buggy runs on the ground, it seems acceptable but when it leaves the ground, the front part of the buggy swings too much. It runs straight and fast and this you are sure to use screw before the run test. If not the wheel will loosen up and fall. After you upgrade it, running a racing track is a good choice. For more stability, you should use thicker tires like the one used with the LC racing desert trucks. And the original tires of WLTOYS 144001 are 25mm thick but comparing with one of the LC racing desert trucks are 44mm that has wider tires than can run steadily. Some of the parts of the LC buggies can also be used in the WLTOYS 14401. Though, before ordering any parts you are advised to research. There is a USB charger that is used with a power bank to charge the battery of this buggy.

When you want to upgrade the brushless system, you will have to replace the whole electronic system not only the motor. You will need a brushless ESC, an upper deck, a metal spur gear, and a three wired servo. Something good with this buggy, it has many aluminum parts so that will save you from buying new parts because you will not need to buy extra option parts when you want a superb powerful brushless buggy.

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