The Wonderful Baby Monitor: Xiaomi Hualai Xiaofang IP Camera

As a father of a young infant, it is hard to leave the house without someone you can trust. There are plenty of babysitters but can you trust them with your child? For me, the only solution was a smart home camera soi can keep my eye on the babysitter. As a desperate parent, I decided to try out Xiaomi smart home IP camera and I have never been happier.

Xiaomi Xiaofang IP Camera

The 2-way dialogue feature of the camera allows me to communicate straight to the babysitter. Anytime the babysitters make a mistake I can rectify the situation quickly. My favorite is the panoramic view feature of the device. Anytime the baby moves and the babysitters have to move with him instead of having to place multiple cameras, Xiaomi Dafang IP camera allows me to move the camera with the 360 panoramic view feature.

Xiaomi Xiaofang IP Camera

The panoramic feature also comes in handy when we are asleep and the baby is in the crib, as we are able to see the entire situation with the infrared night vision in our 4 monitor screen in the smartphone and hear when the baby cries and act immediately. Distance is never the problem as it is able to show 5 meters in high definition quality. I am able to control all aspects of the camera with ease with the mi app which can be obtained from Apple app store or google play store. When we go on vacation, where I know I won’t be able to check the app often, I am able to buy an SD card and just record the entire time.

Xiaomi Xiaofang IP Camera

With the dual lens, dual chip feature, when I get back I can just look at the footage in high definition and able to see all the activities that happened while I was gone. I can also keep tabs on the housekeepers and make sure they do not touch our personal belongings. Most cameras of the same quality can cost up to $200, but we were able to afford the Xiaomi Dafang IP camera as it was only $49.99.

Xiaomi Xiaofang IP Camera

When we had a child, I and my wife felt helpless and thought we would never have time to ourselves. We were not able to trust any babysitters until I purchased the Xiaomi Smart home camera. Now we are able to go on date nights and not ever have to worry because we can keep tabs with the ease of our smartphones. Xiaomi Hualai Xiaofang smart home IP camera is a must for any busy parent.



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