Wow, Here Comes Banggood’s Anniversary

There are so many baby clothes, baby proofing products and plush toys that you have already taken fancy to. Thanks to the Banggood anniversary, you have the chance to buy them home with satisfied price, and some of the hot sellers are even for free. In that case, there is no excuse for you to hesitate any more. Here are some simple tips to help you beat other consumers.

  • To save you time, preview the anniversary prices and add the items you’re going to purchase to your cart in advance.
  • Before the activity starts, get everything ready, including your cellphone or computer. Make sure the network is in good condition.
  • Use your fastest browser and log in your Banggood account beforehand.
  • Before you pay, remember to use the coupon to achieve the lowest price.


① Get LOWER price with the 8% COUPON

share to win

② As long as you share, you have chance to win the free gifts

lucky draw

③ Lucky draw, will you be the lucky one?


④ Keep this SHOPPING GUIDE in mind

rules tips

⑤ Another thing you should keep in mind is the anniversary RULES & TIPS

anniversary sale

⑥ Get everything well prepared before the 10:00am 9th, Sept. (Beijing time, UTC+8)


⑦ SNAP UP for Your Little One

anniversary sale

Here is the link that you can get the detail information about the special promotion: Banggood Anniversary Sale, and wish you luck.


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