Xiaomi Baby Bottle Warmer Review

Unlike adults, babies are quite sensitive when it comes to the temperature mainly because they are subjected to conducive temperatures from when they are in the mother’s womb. Moreover, during winter and extreme weather conditions, there is a dire need to keep your babies milk at just the right temperature. The Xiaomi Kola Mama Milk Bottle Warmer is the solution to all your baby food temperature problems. Here is a detailed review of the bottle and reasons why you should get one for your baby.

Xiaomi Bottle Warmer

The Xiaomi Bottle Warmer comes as an expert milk warmer, food warmer, and sterilizer. The Xiaomi Milk Bottle accommodates two universal baby milk bottles with350ml capacity. According to numerous customer reviews from major authority websites, the Xiaomi Bottle Warmer is one of the fastest baby warmers on the market. It heats up in 5 seconds and will have your refrigerated milk or food ready minutes. With a temperature range of between 30-100 degrees this baby bottle warmer guarantees to have all your baby foods and drinks heated to just the right temperature. Another interesting feature about the Xiaomi Baby Sterilizer is the ability to sterilize baby utensils in under six minutes. The bottle warmer is capable of heating water up to 100 degrees, killing over 99.9% of bacteria.

Xiaomi Milk Bottle Warmer

The Xiaomi Smart Sterilizer comes as a durable and efficient baby food warmer unlike many other substandard appliances on the market. Built with a hard-galvanized sheet shell with Teflon coating and Aluminum caste heating plate for durability and efficiency during use, it comes with a one-touch screen operation which is easy to use, allowing you to set the temperature of your choice when heating.

Xiaomi Milk Bottle Warmer

The appliance is easy to operate since all that is required is to open the lid, and place your baby’s food or drink in the warmer. With easily detachable sections, the Xiaomi Bottle Warmer is easy to clean and store. Safety features that the appliance comes with include the automatic stop when there is no water in the baby warmer. This helps to prevent electrical injury and energy wastage.

Xiaomi Smart Sterilizer

How does it work?

Add 85ml of water into the water compartment and cover the top with the lid. Allow the water to heat up and then place the baby bottles in the warmer. The device works fast, easily and efficiently for all your baby needs. The Aluminum caste heating plate heats up the water fast, which then allows vapor to circulate inside as it warms up the food. With a temperature range of between 30-85 degrees, the Xiaomi Milk Bottle Warmer heats the food at just the right temperature to keep your baby’s food warm with a high nutritional value. Better yet, this device works silently producing just 55 decibels of noise during operation. It weighs 1470 grams for easy portability and storage.






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