Xiaomi Mijia Mini Washing Machine With Baby Special Stain Washing

If you are an active fan of Xiaomi, you know that the products of this manufacturer will no longer surprise you. The Xiaomi Mijia Mini Washing Machine is another household appliance that will surely interest you.

This novelty offers everything you need for washing. Of course, it has a large volume, the ability to effectively remove bacteria and mites, small size, connectivity to applications, and the price is also reasonable.


The Design

From several factors, it can be seen that this is a product of the Chinese giant’s portfolio. The first is the beautiful minimalist design that won the Good Design Award and the high-quality craftsmanship on every side, among other things.
The dimensions of the portable washing machine are only 412 x 422 x 721 mm, which allows you to keep it anywhere in terms of volume. The weight is also very considerable. In particular, it stops at a value of 19 kg, while the washing drum can hold up to 3 kg of clouds.



The Xiaomi Mijia Mini Smart Washing Machine offers clean, eco-friendly and efficient laundry. The problem is not due to dirt or oil as it can only be washed at 80°C. To make the laundry as efficient as possible, the manufacturer has implemented up to 16 washing modes in the baby clothes washing machine.
Nobody wants to carry different germs or mites. Washing at high temperatures can effectively remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, leaving your clothes cleaner than ever.
An interesting feature is the self-cleaning of the washing drum. After washing, the washing machine can be cleaned of dirt and grime from clothes at high temperatures. After this self-cleaning process, it’s ready to load the next outfit.


The drum is made of highly durable stainless steel, which contributes to the long life of the washing machine. Washing with children is also not a problem, as the maximum noise level at full load is only 48 dB.

But what happens to Xiaomi products if they don’t have smart features? The Xiaomi Mini washing machine can be paired to a smartphone and you have complete control via the Mi Home app. The convenience of this technology really comes in handy.


Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Mini washing machine is something every home should consider acquiring. Not only is it outstanding in performance but it’s also very portable. You can purchase it at a very affordable rate on Banggood.

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Xiaomi Mijia Mini Washing Machine With Baby Special Stain Washing
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Xiaomi Mijia Mini Washing Machine With Baby Special Stain Washing
A washing machine is a very helpful home appliance that takes away the stress of having to wash dirty clothes with your hands. In this article, we are going to be reviewing the Xiaomi Mijia Mini washing machine that comes with smart features.
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